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I Am Married And Have UK Mistresses: What Do I Do?

When you are married and begin to have a love affair with someone, there is always the risk that over time, if you do not end it, the chances of uk mistresses beginning to have deeper feelings towards the lover and you enter into an emotional conflict are quite high. If you are reading this message it is because something similar is probably happening to you and you have come to establish a very close love bond with your lover. But now what can you do?

Remember that you are not only cheating on yourself which is the most important thing, you are also cheating on your wife and probably also your lover. That is why in this Psychology-Online article: I am married and I have a lover, what do I do? We are going to offer you a series of tips uk mistresses so that you can give a solution to this problem that does not leave you alone.

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Is having a lover good?

In order for you to find uk mistresses the best solution that best suits your particular case, you must reflect with yourself and be as honest as possible, to help you do this you can answer the following questions:

Do you love your lover or are you in love?Loving and being in love are 2 very different things. Falling in love is something more temporary and temporary where even the brain chemistry changes and that is why we can get to feel all kinds of intense emotions when we see the loved one, it is something wonderful when it is well reciprocated, however it has a certain time limit. 

Mature love or love is different since you stop feeling those famous butterflies in the stomach for the loved one and experiencing all those emotional ups and downs, however love passes, let’s say, the next stage. At this stage we stop idealizing the person, seeing him as he really is and not only his virtues as in falling in love and despite this we accept him and we decide to continue strengthening that strong bond of love, understanding.

What are the reasons for UK mistresses why you continue with your lover? Try to be as honest and objective as possible and identify the real reasons why you have a lover right now. Among the main reasons that usually appear are the following: with the lover you have fewer problems, sex is better, the relationship is more fun, you like it more physically, you get along better than with your partner, etc.

How to lead a relationship of lovers

Imagine for a moment that you have left your wife and gone to live with your lover. What do you imagine life would be like with her? What kind of difficulties could appear at a certain moment?

Keep in mind that it is different to live with your lover once or twice a week than every day and live in the same place. Imagine your life with her, day by day, be aware of the things that you like right now about her but focus also or make an effort to see those things that you do not like about her, remember that we all absolutely all have defects and virtues. Do your values ​​and hers coincide ? Do you like his way of seeing life?

How to leave a lover without suffering

Then imagine what would happen if you decided uk mistresses to leave your lover and continue with your wife , what would happen? How would you feel? Do you think that she and you could resolve their differences and improve the relationship? What are you willing to do for have a better relationship with her? Also imagine all the possibilities and realize what you feel in both situations once you are visualizing them and living in the imagination.

I have a lover and I don’t know what to do

Can the problems you have with your wife be solved? In any case, the answer most of the time is that yes, however it evaluates how much they are willing to do on their part to improve the relationship as it is clear that something does not have to go quite well at least currently .

Identify what you really feel for your wife and your lover. Be honest with yourself and realize what your feelings really are towards your lover and your wife. Compare both feelings and find out which one has the best chance of lasting over time.

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Make a decision

After being honest with yourself and reflecting on how you feel about the UK mistressing your wife and wife and how you feel about yourself in this situation, it’s time for you to finally make a decision. If in your head you keep thinking “I am married and I have a lover, what do I do?”, You continue without making a final decision and you continue deceiving both of them and especially yourself, you will never be able to find yourself in tune with what you want and especially you will not be able to enjoy having a good emotional balance.

Talk to your wife and your lover

After having made a decision you have to talk to both parties and be honest with them, tell them about what happened and why the decision you have made. If you finally decided to leave your lover and continue with your wife, it is also important that you let her know and speak to her from the heart, express your regret and what you are willing to do to improve your relationship. Overcoming an infidelity and continuing with your partner is a very hard step, however, it will be in your hands to forgive you or not, in case you decide to do uk mistresses it you have to take into account that everything takes a process and that you have to give it your time so that I have the same confidence as before.

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